Ranchester, Wyoming
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Scenic mountain views, charming homes and great schools all abound in Ranchester, one of the finest towns in Sheridan County. This quaint small town offers plenty of family-friendly appeal, a minuscule crime rate and a welcoming atmosphere for new residents. An outstanding place for families, retirees and even vacationers, Ranchester’s excellent quality of life makes it a great place to live. Ranchester real estate offers very affordable prices, stable property values and breathtaking mountain views. Homes include single-family homes, starter homes, historic homes and ranch homes with abundant open space and sweeping vistas to enjoy. Ranchester homes and other real estate options also offer low interest rates, helping to make home ownership both affordable and viable for all sorts of buyers. Ranchester offers great options for families as well as retirees and vacationers seeking affordable property with direct access to Sheridan County’s wealth of parks, nature trails and open spaces.


Ranchester was first settled by pioneers and farmers in the late 1800’s. Thriving on ranching, it grew steadily over the years  and yet has still managed to hold onto its bucolic scenery and Old West charm. Today it stands out as one of Sheridan County’s top places to live, offering a modest cost of living, family-friendly character and a strong economy.

Parks and Recreation

Ranchester properties offer easy access to the region’s wealth of local and national parks, nature trails, golf courses and scenic nature preserves. The town lies close to the idyllic Bighorn National Forest, one of the West’s natural treasures and a great place for hiking, biking, camping, horseback riding, bird watching and plenty of other outdoor activities. Attractions and Activities Many attractions and activities can be found close to Ranchester. Just a few of these include the beautiful Bighorn National Forest, the Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library, the Sheridan County Fair and much more. Another top attraction is Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, one of the most historic and scenic locations in the region.


Local events include the Sheridan County Fair, activities at the Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library and much more to discover throughout the year.